What is adventure park Lokės Pėda about?

Lokės Pėda is an adventure park, established in a beautiful valley of Lokys river, near Jonava town. Here you will find 7 different tracks in the tops of the trees, which to complete, you will need not only physical effort, but also clever climbing strategies. Besides tracks, Lokės Pėda offers 4 exciting zip-lines, with some as long as 270 meters.

Due to unique landscape of the area, the highest tracks reaches 16 meters above the ground and delivers exceptional experience for any age group.

Lokės pėda provides safety instructions and climbing harnesses needed to complete tracks and zip lines. The average time needed to complete all tracks is approx. 3 hours.

The park works every day except Mondays from 10 a.m. till 77p.m. For more information please call us +37069921144.

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Nuotykiu parkas Lokės Pėda reguliariai inspektuoja, tikrina ir prižiūri trasas, ilguosius nusileidimus bei saugumo įrangą. Prieš pradedant pramogas visi lankytojai yra instruktuojami ir supažindinami su saugaus pramogavimo taisyklėmis. Taip pat visi lankytojai yra apdraudžiami ERGO LIETUVA draudimu.